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" Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and

glorify your Father who is in heaven."  (Matthew 5:16)



Our Firm and its Unique Approach

        Founded in 2024 by former senior legal counsel to the largest Christian university in the world (and its church, schools, and businesses), McRary Law is a Christian faith-based law firm serving all of North Carolina.  As in-house counsel, the founder discovered that most top law firms would not publicly represent our university or identify as Christian due to fear of offending certain clients (and hurting their revenue).  Our university had to settle for attorneys who simply agreed to not discriminate against us or judge us.  McRary Law provides the solution. 


        Our Professionals, guided by their Christian faith and beliefs, are dedicated to providing the highest quality of legal counsel and services with the utmost personal attention, respect, and integrity you should expect.  We do not judge - We just want to help you the best we can.  We understand that each client and each situation is unique, so we develop an individually-tailored approach to achieve each client's legal objectives as efficiently and affordably as possible. 

        In addition to representing all individuals (regardless of religious beliefs), McRary Law is proud to serve Christian churches, schools (including higher education institutions), and organizations.  We enjoy helping Christian leaders navigate difficult situations consistent with their faith and beliefs.

        Virtual meetings are available.  If you like to dress casually, avoid traffic, and not wait in line at a busy office (like us), most matters can be fully handled remotely with the same great quality and personal attention.  We also routinely travel to meet on-site with local business clients.


Christian Legal Counsel

  • Education Law / Higher Education Law (Title IX, Student Conduct, Student Affairs, Disability Accommodations, F.E.R.P.A., etc.)

  • General Business / Employment Law

  • Employment Discrimination / Civil Rights Claims

  • Fair Labor Standards Act (F.L.S.A.) / Unpaid Wages and Overtime

  • Telephone Consumer Protection Act (T.C.P.A. / Robocall Claims

  • Sexual Harassment / Assault Claims

  • Internal Adjudications / Hearings

  • Administrative Law (Government Complaints and Investigations)

  • Litigation

  • Policy / Handbook / Contract Review

  • Outside General Counsel Services

Independent Investigations

  • Independent Investigations (Title IX, Workplace Claims, Sexual Harassment / Assault, Church Abuse Claims, etc.)

Dispute Resolution

  • Mediation

  • Reconciliation

  • Title IX Informal Resolutions / Adjudications

  • Accommodations Disputes

  • Other Civil Disputes

Crisis Management Consulting

  • General Consulting for Crisis Situations
  • Public Relations / Crisis Communications
  • Church Abuse Claims
  • Title IX Claims
Leaders united by love.


Contact Us today to schedule a free initial consultation.  In-person meetings by appointment only.  We look forward to meeting you and seeing
what we can accomplish together.


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