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Attorney and His Family

My Family


B.A.   University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill

M.A.  Appalachian State University

J.D.   University of Alabama School of Law

Bar Admission

North Carolina (2011)

U.S. Western Dist. of North Carolina (2011)

Professional Memberships

A.D.F. (Allied Attorney)

C.C.C.U. (Valued Partner)

N.A.C.U.A. (Member)

C.L.S. (Member)

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Ian M. McRary, Esq.

Owner & Attorney



I enjoy practicing law because it allows me to help people by solving complex problems.  I also get to develop great relationships, often friendships, during the process.  While my firm and I serve people of all backgrounds and faiths, we are proudly and un-apologetically Christian and stand by our beliefs.


I've specifically focused my recent practice on guiding Christian leaders and organizations, without judgment, through conflict and crisis without litigation.  In addition to serving as outside legal counsel, I have been hired by church leaders to conduct an independent investigation into allegations of pastor abuse and to mediate a conflict between church members.  I understand the unique challenges affecting faith-based organizations and, when it comes to churches, I respect the spiritual authority of the church. 

Looking back, I feel like God created me for this purpose.  Before re-opening my own firm, I was senior in-house legal counsel to the largest evangelical Christian university in the world where I managed public Title IX / Clery Act crises and multiple lawsuits (including class actions), advised the institutional equity office and the student conduct office, successfully defended multiple Office for Civil Rights (O.C.R.) complaints, resolved numerous disputes, navigated challenging leadership issues, and helped avoid litigation on many occasions.  Before that, I served as a civil rights investigator at a prominent Christian university during a public Title IX crisis (including an independent investigation and multiple contentious lawsuits).  I conducted multiple internal investigations into reports of employee (including executive) misconduct and other complex matters.  I've also represented survivors of domestic / dating violence through trial to obtain protective orders.  I'm honored that God gave me these opportunities and has called me to serve Him in this way.

Click on the below links to my resume and/or LinkedIn profile to learn more about my professional qualifications and experience.

On a personal note, I'm a non-denominational Christian.  I currently attend First Baptist Church in Hickory, N.C. where I grew up.  I'm an Eagle Scout and a recipient of Boy Scouts' God and Country Award.  I enjoy playing tennis and disc golf, reading, traveling, hunting, and cooking (especially over an open fire).  For Myers-Briggs fans, I'm an I.S.T.P.  I'm blessed with a wonderful wife and sweet little girl (pictured above).

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